Favorite links to check out:

  • Zao Thusia - ALELUIA! - And other YouTube favorites from Marcel Ruja and our Romanian friends, continuing with: Zao Thusia - Jertfa Vie (Living Sacrifice)

  • In the Pakistani church they sing, Even if they hang me, I will follow Jesus ... based on Revelation 2:10 - "Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life." Learn about what is going on in the church Jesus is building: The persecuted church - the real church... in the 21st century.

  • Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch started by Kim Meeder and her husband; its an amazing ranch filled with the love, and joy and peace of the Lord Jesus who gave His life for us; that we might be empowered to live for Him.

  • Rachel A. Moore - former student; friends of Lone Star Music. Rachel, Larry (her husband) and daughter... all are incredibly creative individuals. Get to know them! Rachel authored a wonderful little book, Mistletoe Madness... available through Tate Publishing or many book stores.

  • Peace Ministries Intl - Longtime friend, Rudy de Leon (international businessman) invites us to visit his work assisting church congregations throughout Africa!

    DOCUMENTARY: THOSE of ancient ROME mentality (those who have no king but caesar) WHO ARE BEHIND EVERY MAJOR EVENT IN RECENT YEARS -- So this what prophet Daniel warned us about... part of the LAST BEAST GOVT smashing and destroying until the whole world is broken.

    Jonathan Cohn has some sobering words for the nation that turns its back
    on the Lord; especially a nation founded on the Word of God.


  • Check out Creation Ministries International: 100s of SCIENCE VIDEOS TO SHARE WITH FRIENDS ANYWHERE.

  • Ministerios de Amor - Cecilia Blanchet Pezet, founder of Ministerios de Amor is a long time friend; having been a successful international business woman, for the last 20+ years has been focused primarily on building up her community.

  • All Souls Orchestra - London; check out Prom Praise 2015 at Royal Albert Hall
    All Souls Orchestra Youtube

  • The Music of Persian Christians - beautiful modern and traditional music sung in the Persian community.

  • KJV-lite VERSES - including: Daniel, Revelation, Hebrews, Colossians... and many more verses shared in over 170+ countries

  • The PROMISES OF GOD to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - a simple essay answering: Where are those promises being fulfilled today?

    Amazing Discoveries - Exposing deceptions
  • The MOUNT OF OLIVES - a brief history of the place our Savior loved, and will return to one day.

  • The Birth of CHRIST - and then... He grew up! And it wasn't in December.

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